Hello from an ex-cadet and VGS A2/Fg Off

Thought I would say hi, and introduce myself. I am an ex-Air Cadet - reached the rank of CWO in the 1980’s on 2236 (Stanmore) Sqn ATC, followed by becoming a Staff Cadet on 613VGS working my way up to A2 and a VRT Commission. I left the ACO in 2010 after moving to the US. I now live in New York.

Spent many happy years instructing cadets on the Vigilant and amassed some 1,400 hours of which 1,200 were in the Vigilant and 200 in the Venture.

I still fly here in the States, mooching around the skies of New York in any single engine airplane I can get my hands on!

Welcome to Air Cadet Central! Your experience is great to have on the forum.

Interesting to hear that you’re living now over in New York. As a current flyer, and ex-Cadet/VRT, have you considered joining the CAP? Or even the ANG, if you’ve got the citizenship.


ps NYC, or the state of NY?


We may have a project for you in the USA!

Please check out International Air Cadet Training: http://www.facebook.com/InternationalAirCadetTrng

Then, if still interested to explore “the art of the possible”, ping an email with your contact details to: iact-2@iact-uk.org


Moved this. Did they get permission to advertise?

Nope, they didn’t ask!