Hello from 2527


Just a quick hello to a new user from Lawnswood. Appart from @Teflon is everyone else here good people? :wink:


I am the resident gobturd. I like rum, and dislike officers.

Pull up a sandbag, swing the lantern.


He’s right - he is a gobturd. I don’t like rum, I like brandy and dislike Warrant Officers.

Pull up a landmine. I’m already sat on Scrinson. Bring an electric lamp.


I like all alcohol and dislike most people. Go find your own sandbag. Unless you’re buying.


I also like rum, but I have nothing against officers…

I’m not a fan of brandy, I like Warrant Officers if you can extract their sticks from their butts…


I’m a Cognac type, and like most people unless they give me a reason not to.

Sit upon the Chesterfield and I shall have my man light the chandelier.


Fortunately we have something called electricity in the officers mess so there’s no need for candles.

I can be found draped over the chaise Longue sipping Earl grey tea in the Anti room.


I like rum too, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people who be given a dose of lead aspirin.

You’ll find be sat at the corner of the Mess bar with all the glasses, pull up a chair and bring a full bottle with you!


I dislike booze, loathe people, and generally take the view that red faced shouty men have rather less wit, and a great deal less importance, than the sheep on my farm.

Sheep, it should be noted, are the (second) most paralysingly stupid creatures ever to evolve past a single cell.

My wife is a 9/10 brunette, she’s 5’ 10, size 12 and 34DD.

Our mortgage is paid off and I can lick my eyebrows - in case you’re wondering…


I’ve got a crate of wobbly knocking about still if anybody fancies a pint or 4?

I’ve also stopped going to the Officers Mess. I have a shed in the garden with an honesty bar. All are welcome. Except OC 2FTS; I still haven’t forgiven him for getting Marksman sacked.


So as well as making my Sheep look like Einstein, he’s also an utter lady garden?

Excellent - when is his appointment as CAC being announced?


The day before all staff submit resignations?


I like 34DD.

In case you’re wondering…


Did you have to just as I was taking a mouthfull of my PG Tips?..:joy:


A little bourgeois though, don’t you think?


I second this motion.


I call Walt - it’s “Officers’ Mess.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anteroom please - maybe you peered through a window once? :wink:

…& puts too much salt on the breakfast poached eggs! :japanese_goblin:


Photos please, we’ll be the judge!