Hello ACC

Hi All.

I’m relatively new here but have been lurking for a while. Finally took the plunge hoping to find support and awesomeness from fellow ATC volunteers.

I’ve been a CI for just over 18 months now and despite some challenges, I really enjoy being part of my squadron. I have some niggles, but then who doesn’t?

Mainly the IT guy on the squadron, but also teach Cyber. Used to be in youth work many years ago and thought those skills would be useful in a youth-based organisation. Have two children in the ATC and am an ex-cadet myself, though that was almost 30 years ago!

Be gentle with me. I promise not to mess up the furnishings.


Welcome. I hope you find it useful here.

Welcome to the Forum.

Evening, welcome to ACC!!!


Hiya! I hope you find this place as useful as I do!

Yeah… it’s good for stress relief

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It’s a great organisation - I love it to bits.

It has it’s challenging moments, but I continue to see the difference I make to the lives of some of the cadets, which makes it all worthwhile.

Enjoy it.

Ignore this ^^^^

Personal security is always important but there really isn’t someone hauling you over coals. I know at least one regional commandant knows who I am and has never landed me in trouble. Same for people at wing level.

Obviously if you come here spouting the frankly dangerous rubbish some do and you identify yourself, you deserve to be asked some questions.


Welcome! It’s a great place.

As a new officer, I find myself reading more than posting because it is a great learning tool and often a food laugh!

Enjoy it. We’re all (mostly) a canny bunch! :wink:

Uh oh, I’m busted!! :wink: I have made less than flattering remarks on here = no comeback.