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Hey all, I’m a Heartstart Instructor and assessor, but I don’t have access to the physical copy of the DVD. I was wondering whether this playlist is correct to use in training, and if not could anyone please send the correct materials. Also if anyone has a higher quality version of the videos I would be more than happy to take them off of your hands.
Thank you all!

With a quick glance they look the same, but these are the ones so might as well go straight to source and use these to be 100%:

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There are videos on SharePoint for HeartStart, if you are a cadet - ask your Sqn staff to download them for you!

There are? Where?

The ones from the BHF site above match the ones on the 2013 DVD I have. They will be as good as, if not better than, the ones on SharePoint.



That isn’t sharepoint.

The link is from SharePoint - a simple search of HeartStart brings it up! And actually as I suspect the OP is a cadet, google drive link is not a bad idea - its from Kent Wing

It is a scruffy way of sharing the contents of a DVD - better in this day and age to share an .ISO of the DVD which can be mounted as a virtual drive and played as if it were physical media.

L&SE seem to have 720p mp4s of the contents in their sharepoint area, but it constantly winds me up that these resources are not in a central, controlled location and uploaded once and once only. Assuming of course that we have the copyright holder’s permission to upload their IP!

Wait out - fingers crossed SPOL will be used effectively by HQ RAFAC staff and the right resources be shared in the right manner :slight_smile:

I’m no spring chicken any more - how long will I need to wait for this amazing event? :wink:

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