Health and Safety Inspection


On Thursday some big cheese from Wing HQ is descending upon the squadron to do a Health and Safety Inspection. And I have been given the duty to brief him on covid measures and on the health and safety measures. I do know what these are but am I going to have to do anything special to assist with the inspection? As I don’t want to get it wrong and have us be shut down or something.

Your OC should brief this to you.
It’s a very Sqn specific thing.

If your OC has delegated this to you. Ask them!

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If it’s a proper inspection just make sure the mandatory things are up to scratch. Proper sign in book, proper visitors brief etc etc. Have you got a H&S folder? If not you should. There should be records of monthly inspections done by a member of staff. You should also have records of fire drills and all that jazz.

Also one thing that will go a long ways to getting a good report is just having a generally clean and tidy squadron. A regular thing in H&S inspections is the squadron needs to buy a skip and get rid of all the stuff they don’t use.

Also make sure you don’t have electrical stuff powered using daisy chained extension leads…

But remember, they are there to help the squadron be safe, not to try and get someone in trouble. If there are things not up to scratch, it’ll be picked up on and you’ll be told how to fix it.

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