Hawk Crash - RAF Valley - 20 Mar 18

Not much else known. Unsure if the pilot was able to bang out?

I’ve updated the title to avoid the conclusion that the BBC is wanting us all to jump to, as it’s a standard Hawk that has crashed and not a Red Arrows Hawk.

Good lad, And good spot, I can’t believe I missed that myself. I am usually the first to verbally slap the media for knee jerking and spilling their granola everywhere.

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Indeed - aren’t the Reds at Akrotiri over the winter?

Aye, the article has been updated. Stating it’s the “same jet used in the red arrows”.

My spies (twitter) tell me that the red arrows are supposed to be in Lincoln tonight playing football.

the article indicates

It is understood two people were on board the aircraft and eyewitnesses said they saw them ejecting from the jet.

It says that now, it didn’t when I posted the link.

Obviously it’s easier to just update bad reporting rather than wait for official statements or until there is more information. Typical blood sucking journalists.

ah right, in that case sorry as it appears i stated the obvious when it would seem it was not at the time of typing

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"It is believed the aircraft was flying from RAF Valley to RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, where the Red Arrows are based, when it crashed.

The Red Arrows are the RAF’s world-famous aerobatic team, performing stunts and daredevil displays in the distinctive Hawk fast-jets.

It is understood the aircrew had been at RAF Valley for routine Hawk simulator training - something that takes place once a month."

Rest in Peace - per ardua ad astra

Yea, it’s confirmed an engineer has died.

Thoughts with the family.

Every loss is tragic, however I am somewhat heartened by the attention that this incident has attracted because it does go to show just how much safer UK military flying has become. I picked a year at random from when I was involved in military flying. It is quite sobering.


Is it really safer?
It would be more interesting to see what the incident rate is vs flights.

I would imagine the RAF flies much, much less and has much fewer aircraft today.

Fortunately in this incident wasn’t fatal.

You could go so far as to say that flying/gliding are safer in the ATC today compared to past years,

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An Engineer has died, so unfortunately one fatality. Pilot is in hospital I believe

Not the whole winter. Normally around Easter til mid to late May.

Otherwise known as spring :wink:

Depending on your hemisphere, indeed, part of spring. IIRC it even appears in the Exercise name.:wink: