Having CCF (Army) Officer Parade at an ATC Sqn

Anyone know how to go about this? Had a local CCF Army officer express an interest in supporting us. They’re on Westminster and not Bader. ACP20 doesn’t really cover it, anyone had any experience of it?

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Yep apparently is similar to the service instructor process if different services. Been looking at this locally but it’s still early days figuring it out.

It’s harder to do if the two organisations don’t use the same volunteer management system but in theory it’s possible. WExO, ARC or possibly your Wng Cdr might be able to assist but it is an odd one.

If they are CCF(RAF) then it’s easier as it’s done as a secondment

I looked at the service instructor bit of ACP20 and it didn’t really fit in to this situation, but it was the route I would be looking at.

I’ll discuss with my wing in due course but wondered if anyone had had anything similar.

It’s one of those things that happens so rarely that each time it occurs it’s a bodge & fudge it of what ever processes are currently in use.

I think a tweaked service instructor process would probably work best to ease this & it would make things easier for tri-service e.g. I can borrow a PO from the sea cadets to drive the ATC minibus or use for female cover.

Ideally HQAC need to send out a short IBN confirming what the minimum needs to be done & basic principles then we can crack on with it. Otherwise it just causes a headache each time & never happens.