Have you had staff or cadets leave because of Covid-19

So, has anyone had a cadet or staff member actively leave (as opposed to just not take part in any virtual activities) since the shutdown?

I’ve had my first staff member go last week, saying the extra time has helped them reevaluate what they want to do with their spare time and although they enjoyed us, they didn’t want to continue.

i’ve not left, but i’ve certainly re-evaluated - from now on i’m not going to turn up to regular/random parade nights, i’m just going to do the stuff i’m interested in (AT), which will mean the odd parade night, and weekend stuff. depending on whats happpening on the farm i will continue to help with camps (if they are AT/fieldcraft focused), but thats it - i’ve in no way missed the day-to-day rubbish, and i’ve really enjoyed just spening the ebenings with my family: prior to this, with me doing cadets, kids doing scouts, brownies and rainbows, and Mrs A having staff meetings and the like, we rarely ever spent an evening just sat together, eating and watching tv or reading.

big change, and we’re not going back…

I’ve out right asked my NCO team 50% confirmed as leaving in sept so I’m aiding them getting their BTEC/MAC

30% are in the fence.

Dont think we will lose staff at my unit but wing wise we will see some leave.

Did I read that right? 100% of the wing staff going?

Edited it to actually read accurately :man_facepalming:

Was going to say that could be a fantastic chance there!

Nobody formally left. Expect we won’t see a few cadets come back, but we won’t know until we go back.

All staff on the unit are engaged and involved and happy to stay.

Across the Wing we’ll definitely lose some, though.

Like others have said I’ve re-evaluated my own position.

I’ve applied to do something else in my spare time and if I’m successful will be dramatically scaling back my involvement with the squadron.

Even if I don’t have anything else consuming my time I’m increasingly fed up with the division of labour on my squadron and feeling totally unappreciated so will likely just concentrate on the things I enjoy rather than trying to appease everyone.

Not had anyone formally leave yet, and I don’t expect any staff to fully go, but wouldn’t be surprised if the NCO team is much reduced come September.

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I wish!

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I’ve not had any staff saying they are leaving nor cadets.
We’ve got a few going into upper 6th so given I imagine they will have to work a lot harder next year to make up for lost ground and similarly those who are sitting GCSEs next year, so depending how schools/colleges handle their return will I believe have a greater bearing.
I also think how the ATC handles its return will have a bearing on what people do.
I wouldn’t ask the question and just see what happens.
I’ve quite enjoyed the last nearly 3 months, although that’s probably more to do with only working PT on full pay. I do feel that going back into cadet life as I was will be difficult, my wife has commented that I seem to have slipped into a home life quite well.

If any of ours go I’ll probably be the first… I haven’t had this much free time in 25 years. It’s extraordinary.

Nah… Who am I kidding. I need the money (and the money off) :smiley:

I’ve got one who I think was on the fence before COVID so I’d not be surprised if they make a decision come our return.

One CWO and a FS given notice. I’m hearing on the grapevipe that the other CWO and FS won’t come back, along with one Sgt.

Cadet numbers on VPN’s are roughly 50%, so don’t know how many of the missing 50% have sacked it or intend coming back with F2F? Not many I suspect.

Of the 8 staff, 4 are not joining/helping with the VPN and of those 4, two are not replying to any form of communication!

We’re getting about 10% attendance (discussed before). I have a feeling we might effectively need to build the sqn from (almost) nothing when we finally go back… :grimacing:

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75% of Sqns will be the same…good opportunity to push the reset button!


We are the same, I can count the amount of cadets doing VPN stuff on one hand. Just remember they didn’t sign up for that, but did sign up for face-to-face, so there’s a decent possibility they’ll come back post Covid.

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I’ve formally lost 1 Cadet, have a few others i expect to go based on attendance at VPN’s.

We have knocked off the VPNs as we were only getting 4 or 5 keen JNCOs and 1 or 2 cadets - only 2 staff really engaging.
Have a few who are keen to get as many badges/MOI/MAC done as they are keen to instruct when we get back so concentrating on them.

Actually have too many NCOs that i could do with getting rid of so hopefully get a cull at the top end so I can develop and position the keen ones.

Hopefully a lot of the juniors will come back - I have my suspects that won’t but I would not have expected them to be around for long anyway - I think its the face to face aspects that are what they really want.

So far 2 VPNs a week and odd weekend events (Inter Section competitions and an Inter Sector Comp) - seeing 60% on parades and around 90% at least once a month. Those who are absent realistically we would have lost anyway. However, the missing Recruit Course from March will have a longer term impact even if we restart in September and run a course in Oct; if its the new year we restart it will be interesting. I have doubts how much longer the VPNs will remain useful in terms of engagement.