Have the RIAT places come out yet?

Have the RIAT places come out yet? DWW wing as not yet sent their places, wondering if anyone has been told yet in other wings?

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Staff places are out, not heard about cadet places being released yet.

Brilliant thanks!

It’s a little late this year. It seems to get closer and closer each year when it come to this stuff.

The deadline for Cadet and Staff Bids was Friday 19 April.

Ik, I thought they would take less time to get the bids in and sort it all out tbh…

Our Wing has had the allocation out to squadrons, both cadets and staff

Nothing seen here (CCF, SW) and my cadets are beating down my door to find out…

Everyone at my Sqn has been told, 2 out of 3 that were put forward Are accepted and the one other person (ME) is a Reserve.

Our wing has allocated staff and cadets.

Which wing is that?

This can close btw, I’ve been selected (however the process this year is utterly stupid)…

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Okay, now I’m intrigued.

I tend to allocate places for things pretty much at random, FWIW.

It does seem at odds.

The deadline to complete the E-nominal role was 26th April. Over two weeks ago.

This is the list of selected cadets and Staff submitted from the nominations list.

Some wings/Regions submitted their names mid-April but I’ve heard other’s were asked to submit names late March.

No one i know had received confirmation eitherway if they’re got a place or not…two weeks after they were selected formally

I’m not sure who is benefiting from system :thinking:

It’s the process. No cadet portal event. No news. No comms. Every year it gets harder and harder purely by process. I’ve had no JIs either, just an email on how to send TG forms.



Not yet, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

I have been selected though, you’re most likely to get it in the next few days.

our wing recently got the sign up for a day trip to RIAT. but with the full camp is it rotated between wings yearly or simply just for one wing (not mine then)