Hats on, no coffee chat with the Wg Cdr


I was having a little think a few weeks ago regarding a issue I was having on my sqn and having a chat with my staff and it struck me that the Wg Cdr of my wing does not have an office He has nowhere to meet, greet and occasionally his staff. Also our WHQ does not have a meeting room, WSOs have to use rooms in an attached ARC for their meetings.

I then continued to ruminate is that the fact in other wings. Observations fellow ACCers please


Our one does have space for this sort of thing, if they wanted to try it.


My wing HQ has space. It is small, scruffy space but it is functional.


My WHQ has a whole wing and a RAC attached. Loads of room and bit of a choice of rooms for a


Shouldn’t need a room for - best one I ever did at Cranditz, I never raised my voice above quiet “close proximity” volume, & expressed my significant displeasure in a very calm manner for about 30 secs… Oh, whilst I can swear in several languages, not a naughty word was uttered!

Exit (RAF Regt to be) student in tears… He subsequently changed branch to Admin Sec. Remaining students shell-shocked. Great motivational way to get things started. :japanese_ogre:


No swearing please guys.


Hmmm, if the BBC can quote “fart” in a headline, then surely the previously used word is similarly comparable for rudeness?? :innocent:



Sounds like the right place for him.


Nah, I was much tougher than him! :grin:

I’d copped him twice whilst walking around on the first 2 days of IOT (get kit / books, attestation, admin faff, etc) for not being shaved. Oh dear, how sad, never mind, he was the first to be interviewed on the “meet your flt cdr” Day One in uniform at 0800 hrs - unshaven. :astonished:

With a bit of careful “direction & encouragement,” he made the grade.


Our wing has its own HQ building with offices etc.


Seconded - I have only know Wing meetings (ie WSO/Wing SMEs) held at Wing/WExO’s place of work