Has CLC gone?

I know it will most likely be cancelled for now, but I’m looking to attend the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Frimley Park or Nescliffe.

I’m coming up to my 16th birthday (min age) and I can’t access Bader myself because of terrible staff (am at a CCF). I asked the one really good officer if there was any information about CLC on Bader or anywhere, but he said theres absolutely nothing.

I myself can’t find anything since like 2017 on social media or ACC or google and its not listed on the Frimley Park website.

Does anyone know if its been completely scrapped, not just for covid?

It’s been cancelled because of the pandemic.

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Agreed, but outside of the pandemic, I can’t find any information about it since 2017 etc etc in my original post.
My contingent staff could not tell me, so I thought it would be best to see if anyone else has any idea.
I was just wondering if had been scrapped fully, outside of the pandemic.

I was a sqn OC in 2018 and i can remember seeing stuff for Frimley Park then. So I would imagine once COVID becomes a historical footnote the courses would resume.


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