Has anyone received any news about the Minecraft competition?

If people remember, the Minecraft competition where people had to “build an RAF base of the future”'s submissions closed almost 2 months ago. My sqn (39F) hasn’t received any news, and I wonder if anyone else has.

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We had a significant number of excellent entries, the judges met last week and chose the 3 winners, however due to there being so many good entries, are just waiting for confirmation of some additional prizes to award.
The winners will be announced before the end of the month.


Thanks for the quick response!

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Has it been announced?If not when will it be?

It’s been 3 days since the 31st of March now, has there been any more news regarding who has won?

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Winners announced today;

@SirPoppyThFatCat congrats on being one of the bursary winners!