Has anyone here been in a squadron that closed?


I’m just curious what you where thinking if you where in one that closed and what sort of procedure does a closure follow?


Merger is now the in thing.

If the Squadron is to be closed then the one thing is that Civ Com assets should not be disbursed to the Wing HQ, but be returned to the cadets in some form. The Civ Com have legal responsibilities under Charity Law for which they maybe held responsible in law and in front of a court. Don’t let Wing or anybody else have the non public assets, that is for the Civ Com to decide, the Wing cannot demand anything legally or morally from them. If the Civ Com do give the money to Wing they maybe breaking Charity law.

Public stores go back to the RAFAC, non-public ie, Squadron owned for which there should be an inventory belong to the Squadron and should be dealt with by the OC and the Civ Com only.


Bob is right here; Squadron owned assets belong to and are managed by the Civcom. So if a unit closes or merges,those assets should follow the Cadets or be returned to the donors.

Any monies raised are done so with the intention of benefiting your own Cadets, and because they remain the property of the Civcom, (listed in a Property register) it is Charity Law which prescribes the duties of Trustees in disposing of assets.

Charity Law makes Trustees accountable for those assets, and regardless of what the ACO might say, it has no majority jurisdiction over dispersal of any assets, because it does not legally own them.

The Trustees/Committee would need to make a minuted decision to wind up the charity and if it were a Registered Charity, it would need to file a return which could identify dispersal of assets to satisfy Charity Law and NOT the ACO.


In what way are you asking?
Are you a cadet wondering what happens to you
Or a member of staff??