Hard Facilities Management services for the Volunteer Estate to be delivered

Wonder if this change from next year will improve the service and reduce costs with RFCA no longer able to use their friends for work on the volunteer estate?

So we’ve just rewritten our region borders to better align with the RFCA borders, now the RFCA borders are being rewritten to align with the 4 Build Estate regions! :rofl:


So most of the country is going to be managed by VIVO, who are despised by many of the regulars for their poor performance. What could go wrong?

Also seeing even fewer reasons for RFCA to exist now.

Not a good track record.

The MOD can’t be trusted with procurement. Completely inept to the extent they bend over and hand companies the lube the second they enter the negotiating room


Real Life experience

Contract says ‘demonstrate Capability X
Capability X demonstrated - it failed to work
‘What are you going to about that’ says MOD Procurement ‘it did not work’

‘Contract says demonstrate Capability X - which we did’ says Mr Supplier

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Does this mean that the RAFAC will only need 4 regions?

20% cost saving right there.


20% reduction in support… and a 20% increase in workload for those left behind… but cash in king in these times!


I was thinking the same.

Support from Region? Not sure I’d miss anything if that reduced.

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20% of nothing is still nothing

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