Happy New Year 2023 into 2024

Wishing all you lot a Happy New Year.

No matter your creed or your opinions, I wish each and everyone a better year next, than the last 12 months.



Right back at you buddy

2024 should be good starting with a new role at work from Tuesday!

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Happy new year to you and all ACC Members as well. Best of luck everyone for 2024!

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Happy 2024, definitely going to be an interesting one, the year of ‘reprofiling’ and all that…

Last time I wished people health, wealth and happiness was 2019 and we all know what happened after that so with that in mind…

Have fun in 2024 delivering for the kids and delivering for yourself!

It’s your hobby too and hopefully we will all get through this transition with minimal detriment to the cadet experience.

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Still feels the same as 23

I Just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy year but most of all good health!

These days people don’t spend much time or thought on some personal words to their friends and family, they just copy and paste some random rubbish and send it on.

So, after all we’ve been though together this year I want to thank you for your friendship and wish you a happy 2015!

You are the best gymnastics group anyone could ask for.
Best wishes, Helen xx


Getting the tube at 4am after a New Years party is honestly amazing. The entertainment provided by fellow random strangers honestly makes for an entertaining start to the year!


Happy New Year you wonderful lot! I’m covered in mud after not nearly enough sleep and a 25(ish) minute parkrun.

Let’s start the year as we mean to go on… enjoy every minute of it!

Love you all, you bunch of internet strangers!

Happy New Year one and all!

Give me another 2019 over 2017, 2018, or anything that’s come after, any day of the week.