I just was thinking about joining up. But I wondered if you need to have short hair in the cadets.

The regulation for male cadets and staff is that hair “is to be neat and well trimmed”.
Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to go all ‘Royal Marines recruit training’ and shave it all off, but it does mean that long hair isn’t going to work.

I have medium length curly hair. Would that be alright.

It’s hard to say without having seen it, but I’m not going to suggest that you post a photo.

What I would say is that most Squadrons will be pretty lenient in the beginning to give new cadets a chance to see if the Corps is for them. If it turns out that you need a bit of a trim then you’ll be told in good time and you can make a decision.

I wouldn’t let any worries about haircut put you off. If you think you’d like to give us a try then go for it.

It was a kind of afterthought. I am just looking at joining and doing something different.

Go for it. I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment as a cadet.


this may be discouraging but the cadets changed my attitude to hair entirely, I used to have messy long hair but in order to look presentable for regional AST drill I got it chopped off and it was one of the best choices I’ve made.

I guess it’s part of the organisation so it doesn’t really discourage me.

Like I have said on other posts - follow the old saying.

What’s outside is theirs, but what’s inside is yours.

Follow the guidance of whichever unit you choose to join and don’t listen to old farts on the Internet :wink:


Personally I’m an advocate for grade zero back and sides with a bit more on top(mostly to hide age catching up!)

But good rule of thumb keep it off the ears and collar and you’ll have no issues

Ears and collar are pretty much my go to measure.

Interestingly, before I joined x many years ago as a cadet I was on the verge of growing it out due to my taste in music and friends.

Thanks for all your help. I’m not sure if I join if I will cut my hair but if you have to I will.

Called Dress Regulations and grooming is included - mirrored from the RAF regulations.

So you hair has to be like the RAF standards. Cause then I think mine might be a but too long

Don’t make any decisions now purely based on potentially having to cut your hair.

You’re perfectly entitled to visit your local squadron when things reopen to see the environment and opportunities available.

You already mentioned more of an interest in the non flying activities of which there are plenty and you will be able to make more of an informed decision when things get back to ‘normal’.

Who knows you may feel that it’s worth cutting your hair for the numerous experiences.

Just my 2 cents

Yeah it’s not even a big deal for me. My hairs just medium length I don’t think it would cause much of an issue. It was just a random thought.

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