Hair dying

I am wanting to dye my hair for a charity, I am just wondering whether this is allowed.

I understand that in AP1358c male personnel aren’t permitted to have dyed hair. However due to the cause is it permitted?


Practically and according to the rules, no.

However as long as it wasn’t something awful and was temporary I’d apply some common sense and remember you’re in uniform for about 5 hours a week out of 168, and that there is a little leeway. Best to speak to your staff.

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I was thinking due to the fact of regulations and my current hair style as is, to dye the top portion of my hair. This means it can be covered by head dress

Is it a colour that a female cadet could choose?

It is a Blue to represent the organisation/charity

…which only helps if you happen to be wearing a beret. :slight_smile:

Then no!

Despite what some people still say there is no “what’s under the beret is yours” loophole.

The official line is “no” in this case. But for how long would you be keeping it blue?

I would be having it blue for the month of October as this is when it’s the monthly recognition for the charity and disability

Are you planning to attend any external events? Have you spoken to your Sqn staff?

Given the circumstances, I would say to one of mine that they attend in civvies for the month and don’t go to events outside of parade nights.

If someone wanted to make a fashion statement, that would be an entirely different conversation.


I’d say go blue if it’s for charity. It’s not like your doing it for personal choice. But if you have some elder rule abiding staff members in your wing and you have any activities, I’m guessing they will forget they are volunteers and go spouting rules.

The last straw which I’d not like to see a cadet have to do is not turn up to parade nights for a month. But you aren’t in my Sqn so I’d see what your staff say about it.

Have you considered selling the charity to people so they donate without you dying your hair.

I don’t think dying your hair is a sponsorable activity because so many people do it normally now…

I might throw some money in for the charity if I think it’s a good cause but not for what your actually doing.

The only sponsored activity adults do / have asked me for sponsorship is a marathon, which takes commitment and madness to complete

I would add though that it’d be good form to speak to your staff before hand. I’d certainly appreciate the courtesy of one of my cadets speaking to me in advance rather than just turning up with blue hair. Indeed, I’d credit them with having the forethought.

If its for charity id have no objections.As to higher command id sort that with a few e mails.I cant think of anyone in my old wing who would object and that includes the WCO. Plus its only a short term thing.As has been previously stated run it by people rather than just doing it.Hope you raise loads for your cause and good luck.

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