H&S Entry Level Award

I have been tasked by my OC to look into running the Cadet H&S Entry Level Award on the squadron, but the folder on SharePoint in the CESO section contains 2 links to the middle of nowhere!!

Does anyone have any experience and/or knowledge about how the qualification is run? I think that I found the specification from the awarding body here.

I believe what happens is that you need to be an authorised tutor and done (the quite straight forward) course to familerise yourself.

After that I believe its the case of registering your cadets => ordering the work books =>cadets complete workbook =>submit for Award.

Its fairly simple stuff and is designed to be suitable for both young and old cadets (almost too simple in some cases if you keep it just to what you need to do).

The principle behind it is to encourage HSE awareness so you can structure it around other projects and activities on the sqn. Despite having done the training I haven’t run a course myself - mainly due to lack of interest and available of training time.

If you want more info best place would be to give your Region HSE advisor a ring as they tend to be the co-ordinator for the training courses.

Hope this all helps