Guidance on camps

Morning all,

We are attempting to get a sqn/sector camp up and running, and I was wondering if anyone had any guidance on the protocol to follow RE booking accom, DTE use, Catering, Vehicles etc.

Sorry if this is an odd question, but everyone has to learn somehow!

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It’s a lot simpler than you think it will be - I think Sqn and Sector camps will be a lot more common moving forwards there just aren’t the Spaces at summer camp any more!

Sharepoint and reading the policies are step 1 - make sure any advice you get is the most up to date (sometimes you can get great advice then get stung because Policy has changed)

Accommodation booking will depend on where it is your booking it, but generally there is a form to fill in, most defence places will have accommodation and food all rolled into one making it all that much easier.

Transport is normally through wing but again can differ slightly on location.

My advice especially for your first one - Keep activities on it simple and don’t over fill your program,

Absolutely worth doing!

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For the first time ever I need to advise that you will need to do a CACE review as far in advance as possible - ideally 6 months, but if planning to go ahead before June then ASAP.

You’ll need to have the purpose nailed and will have to justify with any outcomes such as qualifications.


What does CACE Stand for?

Commandant’s Activity Constraint Exercise


Thank you!

We filled one in for the first time this week and found it super easy to fill in (albeit missed the 6 months given its only just come out!) makes you realise why they are looking into costs.

Helps you work out costings for the camp as well, it’s just making sure we are hitting those Core activities and not having a random staff to cadet ratio.

I realise this is the staff category, (and I’m not) but I’m curious to ask regardless; would it be that camps with tangible qualifications awarded are a greater priority than those without? Not quite sure how I would feel about that personally, some of the best things I’ve done on camp have been non qualification awarding and I can think of a few things that are great fun but lack tangible qualifications to be awarded even if camp staff wanted to?

I’d totally understand the benefits from delivering core badge-awarding activities, but not quite sure personally that should be a priority focus compared to prioritsing experiences than badges?


Something HQAC seem to be struggling with. We don’t need to be offering more academic qualifications. It’s the soft skills we should be developing


Now Now Mr D, I don’t think the SNCO has worked out the humour of this place yet…


Where did you get the form from? Is it on sharepoint clearly, or is it hidden in a IBN in a MSB in a ACLI…

To be fair I’m not sure if its Core wide at the moment looking at it? It’s come out as a Regional Commandants Instruction.

Your Wexo will know whether you have anything similar, I know across the country its becoming a “thing” to look at Value for Money it may be that it’s not a set format or is being trialed

I would say that’s been the case since PTS came in, you don’t see much interest from
Those higher up in the organisation for activities which don’t come with a badge. (Hence why many Wings AT is focussed around DofE).

What does it really stand for?

Nothing exciting: Camps, Activities, Courses and Events Form

Camp, Activity, Course and Event.

I use the term “qualification” reasonably loosely. That could be a couple of easy blue PTS or working towards higher, it could be that you include IET (go for a walk), leadership and teamwork development (high ropes)…

Essentially a purpose linked to core activities as opposed to a holiday. I don’t think it would be that difficult or need resorting to full academic mode.

I’m guessing, but realistically that’s no different to how it’s been just now with a cost exercise attached (still a pain - it’s an extra step). Much like how the ACFTIs being introduced was putting existing best practice into policy (which has been further developed and improved upon, but I didn’t say best possible practice), for those doing it right I don’t think it impacts the ability to run (or nature of) activities too much. But grrrrr extra admin with a stupidly long lead time.

We’ll see how it pans out, but that comparison is at least making me feel a little better until proven otherwise.

Not necessarily a greater priority per se, but easier to justify and therefore more likely to be approved.

I don’t think (hope) that means too much additional desk and notepad time or a reduction in outdoor/run around time.

This is really useful thank you!

How do you find out about availability for accommodation? Do you do it through wing or is it a case of reaching out to the facility?



I sent the booking form off to the appropriate people in early December, step 1!

How long should l wait before reaching out to see if there’s been a progress update?

Many thanks all :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for camps