GT Dates

Hello, I’m from another squadron in Ontario and I was wondering, Do you get to choose your own GT (General Training) date’s or does each squadron have a specific date?

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Hello to the RCAirC in Ontario!

Here in the UK, when it comes to ‘General Training’ for RAF Air Cadets Recruits, there is variation between squadrons (but such initial training always takes place at Squadron level, not at Wing).

Some UK RAFAC/ATC squadrons operate an “Intake Date” approach, and this means on one or more occasions each year, Cadets would commence our equivalent of ‘General Training’ as a collective formation of recruits heading towards First Class Cadet level. Therefore- if you miss the entry date: bad luck, wait for the next.

Other British squadrons work on a continual intake basis, where new recruits slot-in to a rolling programme of initial / ‘General’ training, such that they achieve First Class graduation as individuals or small groups, rather than as a large single recruit class: so that can give Cadet recruits a degree of choice, if that mode is used by their local chosen squadron.

Both approaches have good/bad points.

I’m going to presume in Canada that normally you will have a single declared date per squadron for recruits commencing General Training? Or do you tend to cover this at camp, on fixed dates?

Are you a Cadet or CIC staff?

Anyway- welcome to Air Cadet Central!

I really expected there to be a lot more RCAirC Cadets joining us here online when your Cadetworld forum closed-down a couple of years ago, but there have been very few.

ps we don’t have any dedicated CSTCs here in the UK, like you folks have with Trenton, Connaught etc. We really should, but it has never happened

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