Grob Tutor Gs



Does anyone know how many Gs you feel when doing a loop the loop in a grob and also how many Gs doing an Aileron Roll?
Is there an official answer opposed to guesses?



no more than 2G


3-4G in a loop, much less in aileron roll


G limits for Tutor T1 is +6 to -3
I would be very surprised id any pilot would put the aircraft to more than 4G. Above 4 and people will start to grey out. g tolerance can be vastly different if different people. Good pilots will always err on the side of caution.

  • We are limited to +4.5 / -1.0 with a cadet on board


I’ve done +6 in a flick but they aren’t permitted anymore.


No need to go anywhere above 3G with a cadet.:slightly_smiling_face: AEF is meant to be enjoyable after all.


Everyone has 4G these days, haven’t you heard?