Grob Tutor "Future distractions" = No cadet flying!

I’m surprised that it hasn’t been picked up on in the ‘2023 Dial In - 7 Dec’ thread, but the Commandants brief mention of Grob Tutor “future distractions”, rather gained my attention as it didn’t sound like it would be good news.

I’ve done some digging and it very definitely isn’t good news! For the whole of next year, 6 FTS are being ‘reprioritised’ following a request from government.

This shift in priorities will leave no capacity for cadet flying!

It just seems to be bad news after bad news at the minute. :pensive:

Where did you find this information?


We’ve had an email from our WgAvnO confirming the same.

Interesting, given we’ve got sorties allocated in Q2 of the calendar year. Good comms on 1 hand by hosting the event, bad for not telling us on the other.

So we have 52 airframes now to fly 40000 cadets. Well done everyone, great work.

Is this across the board or just certain AEFs?

Not ours from what I know.

I’ve just given out the allocations for the next 6 months.

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That could quickly change :roll_eyes:

What are they being prioritised to do instead?

Someone is fitting them with Sidewinders?

They wouldn’t elaborate on that, but my best guess is training foreign aircrew.


That was my first thought too.

Someone submit an FOI send an email to the Commandant.

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There are some AEFs/UAS’ that have been tasked with other duties but ours hasn’t (yet).

What I do know is that we are picking up the slack for our closest AEF that has said tasking.

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Heard that these ‘pauses’ will happen across all AEFs, but they will be spread around, so keeping over 50% availabilty.

See here for more info on this scheme and cadets losing out.

There are many situations where I’d be critical of disruption to our flying position.

But I fully support this and I’m sure my cadets will too.


Ditto a countries fight against an invasion > little johnny going up side down for 30 mins


Yep, the Ukrainians being able to give the Soviets Russians a good hiding is something I can get behind, even if it means we miss out on AEF.


Royal Air Force is providing to the next generation of Ukraine’s combat air pilots

(My bold)

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