Greetings from Bucks


I joined the ATC recently in hope of gaining the right qualifications that can pave the way for a career in flying. I’m new to this forum so please forgive me if I post in the wrong section or innocently say something I shouldn’t have.

Tonight Air Commodore McCafferty is meant to be visiting my sqn and we supposedly will have an opportunity for a Q&A. I’ll likely ask where she sees the ATC in 20 years time(or something along the lines). Does anyone else have any questions that you might want me to relay? As I’ve only started my first class I’ll only ask questions that make sense for me to ask.

I’m looking forward to contributing to this forum in the future!


What’s your yearly twitter post rate?


Wheres my WO paper work gone :joy:


Non-sarcastic suggestions please


What’s Carol’s mobile number?..


Welcome to the Air Cadets and the forum.

I think the “where do you see the ATC in 20 years” is a good one. I would like to ask what her focus will be for the next year.


20 years!
I want to know beyond her tenure as CAC, given that in 2025 she’ll be history (with any luck) and this is the “vision” she’s supposed to be working on.

20 years is a long time and to paraphrase Harold Wilson “a week’s a long time in politicis”, who’d have thought in the middle of April 2014, that within a couple of weeks, gliding would stop and still not be going now.


2025? I thought her appointment was until 2020.


The original “2020 vision” document was recently reviewed and updated as the “2025 vision”. It is not specifically related to any particular personnel but is a roadmap for the organisation as a whole - something that was required by a previous AOC 22 Gp


But these things are dreamt up by people who won’t have to bother or want to see it through, ergo in about 2021 it will be changed so any new personnel can make their mark.


It doesn’t mean that she’s not planning past that date.


Way to go at trying to drag down a fresh faced cadet…

@Legion, welcome to the corps and ACC, I’m sure you’ll have a great time, learn lots, do lots, and have a load of fun along the way. As for this place, you’ll have to learn to ignore the cynics and pick out the useful information. And don’t worry about it - most people are here to help and you’ll be pointed the right direction if required. Just keep within the rules.

How did tonight go?


Welcome! Hope you’re enjoying the Corps so far; it has so much on offer that you’ll never finish it all, but that’s a good thing! Take every opportunity you are given, if you don’t enjoy it you don’t have to do it again. You’ll definitely love it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or ask your NCOs, it’s their job to help and they’ll be more than happy to.


But as we all know get someone new in the chair and they won’t just do what the last bod did, they will change focus and or direction, because they need to. How many times after a GE or local election regardless of change of party do things stay they same. Look at things like education and health new minister and new direction, creating confusion and disarray and costing money.
New boss at work and things alter.

I really do hope that the CAC doesn’t carry on after 2020 and planning beyond that is pointless.


That’s the spirit :roll_eyes:


**Teflon **I really do hope that the CAC doesn’t carry on after 2020 and planning beyond that is pointless.

While agreeing that many decisions can be changed by a successor there are some that need to be embedded within the budgetary system long before the results are seen on the ground. Even if the money is subsequently reallocated as priorities change if it isn’t in the system then nothing can be done. Therefore it is essential that each CAC continues to plan ahead otherwise their successors will not have the resource to play with !!


If your a new cadet welcome to the Corps.It is in my opinion the best thing you ll get for free(or not a lot of money) in your growing years.Make the most of it and do as many activities as you can.As to the CAC well if I met her id have a few pointed questions but in your case ask away and as I say enjoy.


@Legion welcome to the Corps, to use a cliche you only get out what you put in so grasp every opportunity with open hands (and mind :wink:) there aren’t as many as there used to be.

It was one of the best experiences of my life both as a cadet and staff making many lifelong friends, so much so I am looking to return again and have 2 of my own children in the Corps.

Hope you got to ask your questions and are enjoying your experience, first class was a bit of a slog in my day but I believe a lot has changed and not so much drill now.

Please ignore the adult bickering and enjoy your time, may it be long and full of adventure!


It still feels like a slog; mostly the map reading.