Greens boots


Best place to get brown boots? My usual black boots are falling apart and I feel brown boots look best with MTP so I would like to get myself a pair.


EBay will give you some good options.


where did you get these…does that source offer a brown boot option?


2nd vote for ebay. Avoid any brown “assault boots” like the plague. They are gash and should be destroyed. If you have money and want a really nice pair of boots you can get yourself some issue AKUs. Very nice and don’t sweat feet like 90% of goretex footwear does. Otherwise there are plenty of options from YDS, Altberg or Haix.


That’s a bold statement


I consider it an accurate statement. I can’t see what a chap would have against AKUs.


They were from savage island I think. Got the brown boots now though.