Green Camp


What do you normally do on a green camp?


Ask the cadets and NCOs on your squadron, they’ll be able to fill you in on what goes on in your wing. That’s what they’re there for!


thank you so much


From my son:
“Essex Wing last year was extremely fun and helpful, it gave me practice in the following , Field craft, shooting, drill, navigation, and radio.
It also included visits, such as to the MOD training grounds for practicing field craft following a scenario.
End of camp had a cadets ‘fun day out’ to a theme park”

But as the other poster said, your NCOs will know what things your own Wing often do, as Green Camps normally follow roughly the same script every year


Just got back off our Wing Green Camp. Over 275 Cadets took part in -

  • overnight exercise
  • fieldcraft training
  • climbing/abseiling
  • archery
  • laser clay pigeon shooting
  • command tasks
  • orienteering
  • PT
  • paintballing (and it was cleared before hand; like the D&C activity).

Oh, forgot to add, we also got over 100 airborne in a Chinook (not all at the same time🤡), thanks to 18 Sqn RAF.


Paintballing isn’t actually banned, so long as it’s at targets.


Exactly, but people automatically think of the normal type. Works well.


consider yourself extremely lucky if you get to fly, in anything, as usually there are endless reasons why you can’t, pilot availability, the british weather ect. :grinning::grinning:


I’ve been on 3 greens camps but haven’t flown on any of them


As down to how proactive the staff are in trying to get flying.