Green camp what to expect

Anyone have a basic idea of what to expect/take for a week long green camp?

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I recommend taking a lot of shirts with you and at least a basic polishing kit. Also take an ironing board/iron if you want to be extremely special (because sometimes there’s nothing you can iron your uniform with other than a hair straightener but hopefully your camp isn’t a center).

Also, take a full washing kit and a BIG towel, those are a must. Deodorant is also obvious.

Take your green uniform (including your beret and belt, you’d be surprised at how many people forget those two), yada yada yada, take your civvie clothes, a pair of extra shoes (trainers recommended, even better if you don’t care if those trainers get destroyed).

Those are the basic things minus the painfully obvious stuff like underwear, a bunch of socks (enough for an entire week at least). Also, get a padlock in case you got weird lockers and some extra snacks, camp food isn’t exactly gourmet.

The kit list should include it all though so be sure to also have a look at that.

P.S: Please DO NOT bring your blue uniform at all, not even the shoes. Don’t make the same mistake as some cadets I went to camp with! Green camp means GREENS ONLY!

As for expectations, expect a lot of physical training/sports in the first few days at least. You’ll have some free time closer to bed time (probably 6/7 PM) and you’ll have at least 3 daily parades. Most of the days will be scheduled activities such as shooting (air rifles or, if you’re lucky, actual rifles), archery, climbing and/or abseiling, etc. Green camps can be a bit tiring but they’re lots of fun.

Also, do expect some cocky NCOs (especially if you’re also going with other units). At the end you’ll probably get to throw some banter at everyone, officers included though so be sure to be harsh on those you don’t like ;^)

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Thanks for the response, I’ve packed most stuff you’ve listed, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, and thanks for the expectation! I’m looking forward too it!!

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Unless it’s on the kit list, of course.

An ironing board and iron isn’t needed on a greens camp (unless you’ve been told to bring Blues then it’s a regular camp). Even if you are in CS95 and need creases pre ironing and packing carefully will do. A couple of hangers is a good shout though.
Bring plenty of green/olive/black t shirts, and a norgie (thermal undershirt) if you have one.
2 sets of twisties for your trousers.
Take wet wipes for removing cam cream if doing FT - and they are good for wiping down kit and general cleaning too.
Flip flops for the showers
Plastic bags to put wet or dirty kit in
Day sack that you can carry comfortably with dry kit in a dry (canoe) bag
USB power bank is a good way to make friends!

Other than that ask a senior cadet or staff on your Sqn

If it’s a proper greens camp and people actually care about ironing then someone needs a backhanding.

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It’s impossible to say exactly what you can expect because the concept of a “greens camp” is extremely loose.

Unless Mr Beret knows something we don’t (i.e he or she knows who this cadet is and is going to be DS on the camp in question) then I’d say that’s an awful lot of supposition.

My advice would be NOT to take a whole load of extra stuff. Take what is on the kit list.


Depends on the Location or the Wing Organising it :slightly_smiling_face:

If it was a fieldcraft week…certainly

If its barrack based activities I’d expect uniform standards to be maintained

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Yeah, I generally think of a greens camp as fieldcraft and such. But of course if it’s not fc then there’s no reason not to iron.

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