Great Coats

Well, now SNCO/WO’s (ATC) are now allowed to wear great coats according to AP1358c V1.07

But the question is, how should they be badged? I know QCS and Bands wear the large chevrons (see pic) but do Guinn’s on greatcoats wear normal No1 chevrons? I can’t recall ever seeing it…

Although, not sure I’ll bother… they are warm and are worn on parades mostly… ATC can’t wear on parade so see little point in wasting my Wonga. Just curious as there is a lack of badge policy on this one.

pic attached now…


Well, if that’s the case I’m sure v1.08 will have the answers…

WOs and SNCOs wearing greatcoats on an ad-hoc basis (ie not formally tasked on long-term ceremonial duties) would wear normally-sized No1 dress cloth badges. The only people to wear the large cloth badges would be selected members of the RAF Regiment (especially QCS) and RAF Music Services in certain orders of dress.

Note that for FS and MAcr/NCA, metal crowns or eagles are NOT worn on greatcoats, the cloth equivalents are to be worn.

ORs below the rank of Cpl temporarily issued with a greatcoat from the loan pool normally don’t show their rank (ie JT/SAC(T)/SAC/LAC), but conversely, RAF Regt SACs/LACs do tend to put their rank up on loan greatcoats…which is the reverse of what they used to do in greens (ie tending not to wear SAC/LAC ranks, mainly to avoid confusing soldiers…hence, in some respects, the reason for inventing RAF Regt L/Cpls)


ps have the revised dress-regs retained the requirement for RAFVRT Offrs to still wear the larger VRT pins on rank-braid when wearing greatcoat or British Warm?

Isn’t the ‘eagle’ facing the wrong way on that greatcoat pic?!

[quote=“wilf_san” post=24730]
ps have the revised dress-regs retained the requirement for RAFVRT Offrs to still wear the larger VRT pins on rank-braid when wearing greatcoat or British Warm?[/quote]Do they even exist?

Well I have actually seen a pair in the last few days, the first and only time I have!

The RAuxAF still wear larger A on Greatcoats so one would presume that a similar situation would be expected for VR(T). Although the statement to this effect that once was has been removed from AP1358.

They most certainly do exist (the original, large, VRT brass identifiers for greatcoats).

If I ever get the chance to track-down all my old archive info about the full history/origins of the VRT badges, I will post it for posterity


I have a set of full size ones.

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Certainly they used to exist, but the last time I saw a pair was back in the 80’s (when I was a cadet). I’ve tried hunting out a pair of the large pins for donkeys years, with no luck. But the dress regs make no mention of the large pins these days… not to say that is correct, of course!

To be fair, there is no badging policy for Greatcoats whatsoever in our dress regs.

And again, the picture of a Great Coat in the Regs isn’t actually a great coat. It’s a British Warm. (Just in blue, rather than the usual cream.)

Of course… Tell us that ATC pins MUST be worn, but don’t bother saying where.
Par for the course.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Greatcoat Buttons and Pin

They do exist! Let the bidding commence :popcorn:

They’ve always existed. Larger branch titles were always meant to be worn on greatcoat rank-slides, originally, by RAuxAF/RAFVR and RAFVRT officers. I’m unsure if ADC or caduseus badges for greatcoat order were/are bigger as well.

The size of No1 brass titles was reduced following the 1947 relaunch of the AuxAF and the VR. After this, the RAFVRT stopping wearing the large VRs at the collar along with the ATC cloth cuff-markers, once the dedicated VRT badge was introduced (there was a brief period when VRT Officers were expected to wear ATC astral crests as collar-dogs, it was not a popular move)


Ive seen Non Rock types sporting the large Greatcoat rank badges. Trying to get hold of a set of cloth crowns is impossible though. And WO (ATC) i guess would wear the standard WO badge???

AP1358 only mentions the standard No1 uniform rank badges for greatcoats (with the exception of the cloth FS crown).
Those are obviously hard to find since I keep seeing photos of RAF FS wearing staybright crowns on their great coats.

FS Cloth Crown