Google My Business / Maps listing


Is there a Squadron here that does not have a GMB (Google My Business) or Google Maps listing?

I am doing something for HQAC and need a Sqn that does not have an existing listing.

Thanks in Advance


If your squadron is marked on Google Maps then you can claim the business. Otherwise you can press and hold on the location, then it’ll say ‘Something missing?’ - it’s quite clear from there.
Hope this helps!


I work as an SEO specialising in local SEO, HQAC have asked me to do a video on how to set up and optimise the location to try and outrank other cadet forces or youth organisations.

Until I joined my Sqn we didn’t have one and nor did Chester (I added one after struggling to find it for a course).
I could do with a Sqn that doesn’t have one so I can produce the video from the very initial setup.

Search Engine Optimisation Analyst - Sorry, acronyms …


I’ll drop you a pm as I’m not convinced I do…


Can anyone translate into simple person words please :smile:


Pictures paint a thousand words


I’ll pm you as well as I know we dont - just checked!


Is your Squadron listed on Google maps? If not, contact him.


Just added mine. Never thought about it.

It’s wonderfully simple, so anything to encourage more to do it and show the ease of using the tools would be great!


Already on google…