Goodyear Blimp

A bit of a random one, but for anyone else along the South coast (South East currently) the Goodyear blimp has come over to say hello! Sadly I’m not on the coast so can’t see it, but some of you might be able to catch it?

Tracking here:

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@AlexCorbin It looks like it might be heading in your direction!

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Any indication of where it’s off to?

Not sure, Can’t find a route online! Looks like it was meant to be fly last weekend up to Brands Hatch for filming but the weather was bad. Currently it’s going away from Brands so no clue!

Portsmouth - > Winchester - > Southampton - >Calais

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Hampshire Wing flypast :laughing:

Will probably get stolen as it overflys Portsmouth so might be short lived


Tomorrow’s headline:

“Portsmouth man claims he was abducted by aliens who disguised their ship as a Goodyear blimp”


Southampton didn’t want to get infected with anything so they refused entry to the blimp into its air space


And the Goodyear Twitter account ‘liked’ the tweet generated by this thread!


:sweat_smile: That’s pretty neat. I forget that new topics generate SM posts too :stuck_out_tongue:

autolike every tweet that mentions them, even by text?

Could be, but it still gives us visibility, which is good

Oh wow, didn’t realise they’ve been flying over for the last few days. Thought it was just today! Wish I had known sooner as it would have been pretty cool to go see. I can imagine that blimp at 500ft over Brighton would have been worth the drive too see.

… is it…

I didnt think we wanted a light shone into the dark recesses of this world.

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Flightradar24 did say that there was a Zeppelin over the south coast.

It has just left Calais heading SE.

Starting its bombing run then.

What did the Belgians ever do to you?

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