Goodbye, farewell and good night

Well, I have decided to hang up my drill boots and switch off the radio…
I am no longer a member of the ACO.
I shall miss the hard working dedicated staff who are a part of the ACO - you know who you are
I shall not miss the Buffoons, kudos hunters, empire building burocratic and generally incompetent people that are climbing the greasy pole. Unfortunately they do not know who they are.

I can’t say I agree with the way the ACO is going. When I joined as a cadet back in the seventies it was to escape academia and to get some practical fun. Now it’s all online auditable learning. Flying and gliding have faded almost to a memory.

So farewell… Good luck



Good luck buddy, I’m not that far behind you out the door.
See you on the other side!

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Sign of the times:-(

A former VRT mate of mine defected to the SCC RM detachment in Milford.

Apparently it’s so much easier to get things done…might stick my nose in the door one day :wink:

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Have a meeting with the RMC SCC Thursday…

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I am also not far behind you and left wondering if there is going to be an atc after the people on the greasy pole have finished with it?

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…getting to see a theme here :-o

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I pulled the plug a few years ago after 30 years involvement in the ATC. When I started in the 80’s it was the best organisation going, had some great adventures, fantastic camps…but know it’s all ticking boxes, filling out the right paperwork and reporting online. When I left I never even got a “thanks”…which shows what those up the greasy pole think of the “workers”…

You are correct.
I was commissioned a while back then became a CI for a number of years due to work / family, when I resigned by Commission then I received such a letter.
I then reapplied and was successful in regaining my commission when family life changed a few years later, I resigned and moved on about 2 years later, on this occasion I never received “a letter of appreciation”, but I never expected to as I had already received one a number of years ago.

Good luck and I am convinced you will (if you want) find people who are a lot more appreciative of what you can bring to the party

I have some thoughts on the matter :wink:

All the best in the world outside the ATC, it does exist.

One of the things that keeps me sane and able to carry on being involved in the madhouse created by the idiots at Cranwell, is being involved with other groups, where greasy pole climbers, egotistic / narcissistic former RAF Officers and people (volunteers and those who draw a salary) needing to make a mark on it don’t exist as there is no greasy pole to make marks on and even if a former Officer did get involved they would just have to muck in. If all you did was the ATC, wearing your pants on your head, sticking pencils up your nose and saying wibble would be only release.

I walked too !!! too many politics, too many people not prepared to enforce the regs and too many people blatently not playing by the rules !! oh yeah and a bit of bullying thrown in for good measure !!

Life is so much better now I am involved with organisations who value me and my skills !!

We should get sponsorship from Martin Baker…

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We would bankrupt them!

To quote Mr Humphries from Are you being served -

I’M FREE !!!


We can now discuss the honorary Group Capt in the celebrity jungle shower …:money_mouth_face::astonished: