Good marches for a new squadron band

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Before quarantine, our squadron had just purchased some band equipment to start a brand new… band. Our squadron hasn’t had a band since i joined so no cadets on squadron have any experience playing in one (bar 3 of our 40 cadets). I was wondering what are good marches for a band to learn with little to no experience.


Edit: i am one of the cadets that has been in a band before

What instruments make up your band?

Its important to know what range instruments you have (Like mentioned by @A400m)

Assuming that you have side drums (And maybe (a) tenor drums?) and a bass drum, gather whomever wants to try it and first get them to learn basic rudiments and routines together as well as stick work.
( Good channels to learn some rudiments and pieces: )

Also assuming that you have a bell lyre or two, try and get the sheet music for some basic pieces such as:

  • Men of Harlech
  • Dambusters March
  • Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
  • etc etc…

Once most people who want to join learn how to play the instrument there’s a large range of pieces like:

  • Eagle Squadron
  • Yellow Bird
  • Air Cadet March Past
  • Royal Air Force March Past
  • Luftwaffe March/Aces High
  • Longest Day
  • The Great Escape
  • (Maybe your regional drum solo?)
  • Its a Long Way to Tipperary

@A400m and @JSC sorry could’ve sworn id mentioned our instruments seeing as that pretty important but i guess not. Our squadrons only got a bass, 6 glocks, and 6 snares

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Those glocks sound dangerous…


All of the pieces that @JSC mentioned are definitely good for beginners. I’d start with Dambusters and go from there. Make sure you have plenty of indoor tabletop practises and lots of no instrument band drill sessions to ensure you know what’s what before trying to put it all together at once.

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Relatively lightweight though. :wink:

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