Good evening!


Hello everyone!

Just a quick hello. I have had an account on here previously but that was some time ago. I have been a CI for three and a half years now, previously a cadet for seven. I am completing OASC in February 19.

Currently a training officer on an ATC sqn in the North East.




How far north? DNW or CEY?


North East of England or Scotland?


My spider-sense says NE England based upon a detailed sub-atomic analysis of the OP’s user-name…so, not a Doric Aberdonian, but why aye man not a Geordie, either.

Am I right, @Jankers ? Welcome to the board, and good luck for your OASC.

The three months until then will just zoom past (esecially with the dreaded festive in the middle) so, keep up your exposure to command/leadership task practicals, maintain the mild-plus-extra level of reasonable physical exercise (despite all that turkey/mince pies/booze), properly practice doing your distance:speed:time calculations, and take every chance at practicing reasonably-brief but effective presentations to strangers (I mean at different squadrons or at work, not on street corners).

Oh, and make sure you’re a ninja when it comes to double (nay, treble) tying the laces on your non-marking soled trainer shoes!!


I know which North East one he’s not at :grin:


Haha! It appears we have some half decent Sherlock’s in here! You can easily work it out from my name! I best keep tabs on what I say… :wink:

Thank you for the advice regarding OASC! I am both excited and anxious!


Being the paranoid being that I am…I feel a slight change in username was necessary! :roll_eyes: