Gold Residential DofE

For Gold DofE you have to do a residential. And I’m going to use the RAF Fairbourne camp as the residential. Does this make any difference to what I do on the camp? Or does it just mean I can tick the box? Also I have jumped straight to gold, just in case that makes a difference.

We had 2 cadets who used a national camp for their residential, but it had to be checked to make sure it met the criteria before being approved as suitable. Have a look at the criteria for the residential yourself first, so that if there is anything you need to be aware in terms of meeting specific requirements/tasks, you have this covered.

Good luck with it!

You need to know <10% of the attending staff & cadets at the camp to be able to use it as a Gold Residential - so it will depend on how many other staff & cadets from your unit are going.

As above check the criteria. When I did gold I was told the annual camp didn’t count because I would know too many people on it already from my squadron, but ACLC did count because I didn’t know anyone else going. These days there are so few places per squadron that it may not be an issue but certainly talk it through with your Sqn DofE officer.

Speak to your Squadron DofE Officer, there is a form that needs to be sent to your Wing DofE Officer for approval before you do it.

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