Gold DofE

I’m signing up to do Gold DofE and haven’t done gold or silver and thought I might as well jump to gold as I’m old enough. But one of the other cadets doing it with me has done bronze and silver, this means he’ll be doing the 12 month version and I’ll be doing the 18 month one. Does this screw things up? As the only thing we’ll do together is the expedition which isent affected right?

DofE is an individual award, not a group one. There’s nothing wrong with all participants, even within the same cohort, doing each section in their own time, when it suits them. You can do the expedition together - the timing of it is not dependent on you having completed any of the other sections. I have seen plenty of direct entry participants finish earlier than non-direct entry, because they’re more focused and don’t procrastinate about deciding what to do for each section.


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