Gold DofE Expedition

I am a cadet from South Wales looking to do my Gold Dof E expedition this year. My Squadron is struggling to find a team for me to join. Is anyone else planning to run a gold expedition this year that I could join. I am happy to travel to meet the team to complete it.
My Squadron also suggested doing it privately. Has anyone got any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Ask your Sqn to speak to the Wing DofE Officer, Gold Expeds are usually organised at Wing or Region level and if your Wing isn’t running one this year they can speak to neighbouring Wings/Regions to see if you can join any they might be running.

You can do them privately but they can be quite expensive with a commercial company. You could also contact your local council as they sometimes have open groups.

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Schools often do it, might be worth chatting to your school, and asking them to ask around.

ACF? Scouts?

I know 3WW has a gold group and is offering pre exped training now. Get your staff to ask if you can join.