Gold D of E Exped

Hi all,
My Sqn is planning to run a Gold D of E Exped by March. Regardless of the time, does anyone have any advice on taking on Gold and how much different it is from Silver exped (that I did right before lockdown)


The level of difference rather depends on where you are doing it (the terrain) and the mode of travel (walking, biking, paddling) when compared with your Silver expedition, so you’ll have to expand a little more I think!

In terms of DofE requirements, it’s only 8 hours of activity per day when compared with 7 at Silver - so the activity difference isn’t huge.

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Don’t forget exped conditions have changed due to CV, you don’t have to head for the hills :man_facepalming:t2:

Or camp. Sigh.

(although to be fair, you didn’t necessarily have to camp before either)