Gold D of E - Difference between No 1. HD dress and No. 1 SD dress

Hello, I’ve completed my Gold D of E and confused about the celebration events dress guidelines:

“Scouts, RAF Air Cadets, Army Cadet Force and other uniformed organisations are encouraged to wear their uniforms. For official military uniforms, the Royal Navy should wear No 1C Undress, the Army should wear No 2 Dress and the Royal Air Force should wear No 1HD Dress.”

What is No 1HD Dress? How/is it different from 1SD dress? Been googling a while and can’t find anything conclusive - all help is greatly appreciated.

I think HD is Heavy Dress? Maybe their terminology is just out?

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Seems plausible, but can’t seem to find anything relating to “heavy dress” either. Do you think it’s possible it’s a typo? Thanks so much for your help!

I can’t see any area regarding No 1 HD. Looking through ACP1358, the only mention of “No 1 HD” in it is in the positioning of flying badges (Chapter 4, Para 0427a and b).
Could it be a typo?

To be positioned centrally 1cm above the bottom edge of the patch of the left shoulder of the jersey. When worn with No 1 HD, it is to be positioned centrally 1cm above the top seam of the left hand pocket.

I thought it could be a typo also. It just seemed odd that both the RAF and Gold D of E would make this same rather obvious typo. Thank you so much for your help!

Home Dress (ie, Blues). A bit of an outdated term now. In the old days, occasionally you’d see it as No. HSD.


HD - High Definition
SD - Standard Definition…?

Presume TK will be in UHD / 4K… ooh “For Keeling”


He won’t go, it’s an award for cadets who’ve actually been outside!


HD/HSD Home Service Dress eg No1, No2, No2A etc.

SD refers to headwear - SD cap, Service Dress Cap

The Army no longer have No2 dress. It was replaced with FAD, Future Army Dress. It’s a brown version of our No1 Dress. The army No1 dress varies by regiment etc.

It’s still No2 dress.

In the same way our No3s are now PCS rather than CS95. FAD is simply the new “style”. But it’s still No2 dress.


No. 1 Dress doesn’t vary that much. It’s navy blue with red blood stripes on the trousers and a bit of piping. The big regimental differences come with Full Dress (known as ‘Scarlets’ in Foot Guards and Line Infantry regiments).

Possibly a typo, more likely stsnds for Home Duty - a phrase which went out years ago !

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Simply an old term - “Home Dress”
No 1 SD is the correct uniform.