Gold Cyber Advice

I achieved my Silver Cyber qualification in November 2022 and am interested in learning more about cyber security. So I’m considering applying for the Gold Cyber course this year, however, my actual experience with IT, computer science and cyber has been somewhat limited since 2022 and I’m unsure whether I am the right candidate for this course.

Can someone who has previously attended the course enlighten me on the minimum expected knowledge for the course, and whether it’s suitable for someone relatively green to cyber security or for someone already with decent knowledge in the field.


Hi there, I have previously attended the course and my only skills at the time were a Computer Science GCSE. I would say a willingness to learn and a basic understanding of computer (can do basic coding in something like Python for example) is all you really need. And seeing as you have completed Silver I would say you’re probably at that level.

At lot of what you do on the course is based around Linux OS and the software on Linux (Kali distriubtion to be specific). You do cover a lot of stuff on there and some of it pretty high level but I have found the Silver Cyber course to a pretty good preperation tool for Gold Cyber.

Best of luck in your application if you decide to pursue it and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.


There are quite a few free resources out there that will help you develop your knowledge.

SANS Institute and Immersive Labs are two to look at (there are others). Immersive do quite a lot of work with the veteran community and they have an initiative called Cybermillion (but you need to do a bit of searching to find the free courses area - not something I can find links for right now.)

Also Openlearn, who provide ‘our’ Silver course, have a few others. The new Network Security one looks good. It is labelled as an Advanced course, but there is nothing to lose by trying it - you could always go back to it later.

As for Kali, pretty much any (free) tutorial will give you a basic grounding in Linux. I’d personally avoid anything titled ‘how to hack with’ as that’s not a great start to a cyber career!


Applications for the Gold Cyber Courses are made online directly to the RAFAC Cyber Team who makes the final selections based upon your application.
You have nothing to lose by applying and I suggest you go for it as you may be pleasantly surprised.