Go Fund Me

Has anyone tried to raise funds via Go Fund Me ?, if so please advise your experiences and any pitfalls to avoid.
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I have seen it done, but you need a decent cause. “Our unit needs more cash” is not a good cause. “Our unit needs urgent repairs because it was broken into and vandalised” is a better one.

Vandilising your squadron building to get funding for new kit though is very much frowned upon :wink:


I guess it depends on what the value is. New tents or radio kit it could work but a new minibus (new or second hand) I would avoid. The problem you face is that there is limited appetite for large amounts unless you have a worthy cause and even then you need lots of advertising. A young child of 6 needing to raise £30k to go to USA and have an SDR operation will do much better than an Air Cadet unit asking for donations to buy the bus. This is because it will grab media attention and everyone jumps onboard in sympathy. I’m not sure about the media rules where you go cap in hand to local press asking for exposure to get the new bus for those underprivalidged cadets… So, if the value is less than £500 go for it as the parents will probably help out otherwise go the grant route or, dare I say it, try your chances at the Lottery if you can get an expert onboard to help with the application.

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