Gliding PTT

What is PTT?because I am going to a course tommorrow and I don’t know what it is?

Basically ground school and a viking turned into a flight sim

Thank you for your response.any idea why I need to fill out a gliding form?

Because some times if the weathers right and flying is avaliable you may get to go up in the real thing

Thank you for being so usefull

6 words never heard to come from my wife’s mouth?! :joy:


Two words never to come from my wife’s mouth


It stands for ‘part task trainer’ and yes, it’s a mock up of a Viking or vigilant (depending where you’re going) glider cockpit. You’ll do your blue or bronze groundschool and then cover some basic flying elements like primary effects of controls in the PTT.
It’s a great opportunity to practise handling and ask questions because of course it can be paused and set up to your requirements.
You’re required to fill out a form because the PTT instructor needs your details for various form filling but also there are some medical conditions that need to be highlighted prior to use.
Once you’ve been signed off for your PTT and groundschool you only need to do the flying element at an AEF or VGS to get your ‘A’ wings or ‘G’ wings respectively. You won’t need separate PTT and groundschool to be awarded your A wings.

Have fun

Thank you