Gliding PTT simulator

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Can you get your blue gliding badge by solely using the gliding PTT?

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No, the PTT (or synthetic lesson delivered on squadron if you have the tools) is part of the blue badge, but only part. You need to have a flight AND the PTT to qualify.

No requirement for PTT anymore.

Synth can be delivered on the PTT or a standard sim at your squadron if there’s someone qualified to deliver.

Ok, thank you.

So whats the difference between a “PTT” and a “standard sim”?

A standard sim is Microsoft Flight simulator run through a computer.
A PTT requires flying suits on the part of the instructors for some unfathomable reason.


whatever the squadron is willing to pay for

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True though there are guidelines to follow (e.g. must have a stick, not controlled with the mouse or keyboard). But some Sqns have distinctly Gucci kit. Personally I’m a fan of VR…

Do you know where those "guidelines"are published in policy documents?

That’s a really good question. No, I don’t. Ask your WAvnO. We definitely agreed on a set of guidelines but whether they were actually published is an interesting one.

Basically you need a stick, and a means of controlling the rudder (but a twisty stick is fine); some way to operate the throttle (probably built into the stick); a PC that can display a decent frame rate; and a fairly decent sim (MS FSX, new MS FS, P3D version 4/5, XPlane 10 or 11). But don’t quote me on any of that; that’s just my personal recollection of the discussion! Essentially, your authorised instructor (make sure they are authorised) will tell you if your setup isn’t up to it as they will know if the lesson can’t be successfully delivered. But it’s not rocket science.*

*that’s Space, obvs.

Thats the thing, other than some detail in an IBN, I can’t see more than the briefest of mentions in ACTO 31 (AEF) and slightly more detail in ACTO 32 (Gliding).