Gliding "paused"


There’s been no real point to the UAS’ flying as much as they do since they removed EFT and replaced it with the budgie wings.

Get rid of that, also means removing the need for all of them to have 2 QFIs on strength.

Easy money. Where’s my 4 rings?


in all my years in the corps, and meeting UAS cadets only 1 young woman I can honestly say impressed me with their standards and attitude and i truly hope one day she does make it to the top. the rest unfortunately were more interested in the drinking and partying side to the UAS speaking to local AEF staff they find half don’t turn up for flying either…so that’s no help

IF the corps were to be rolling out the >18 staff members would it potentially be more beneficial to fold the UAS into us? gives us more staff and them some more responsibility


I can’t see that if the decision was to stop UAS, that the RAF would put that resource totally into Air Cadet AEF. They would still need to have a contract for maintenance and support for a few flights at the weekend. Which is a bit like having a car that you only use at the weekend, you still need to tax, insure, MOT and maintain it, which increases the pence per mile cost and at some point the viability over just hiring a car for weekend, has to be considered.
Frankly if UAS went, then could we see the using of local flying schools for AEF, that has been advocated for a while. What we need is something that is sustainable into the long term future and simply from the perspective of MOD selling off estate, I don’t think any AEF locations (or VGS) are secure if the MOD needs a few quid.


Value for Money.
Looks like the UAS pary club coukd be in for a change.


AEFs operate five days per week. Although embedded within the UAS, the AEFs complete the vast majority of the flying…


So why is it we’ve always been led to believe the UAS took precedence and we just get AEF as a piggy-back on UAS as there wasn’t the money to fund AEF as a stand-alone Air Cadet activity. So if

what are the UAS’ doing?


See above.


So effectively if the contractor wants more money and the MOD pay it, UAS and AEF will remain, if not they’ll need to shop around for someone new or it’s gone.