Gliding Outside Of Cadets

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I recently won a ‘Go For Gliding’ course through a RAFA Youth competition, and I am going to redeem it at a BGA club at some point within the next few months. I was wondering wether I would be able to use this to gain, or at least work towards my wings. I have flown before, and I have been told that you have to do the ground training, which I assume would be provided as part of my course, but what are the other requirements, and would I be able to use this as an opportunity to get the wings?


If you go solo you get C wings

Wont count for anything towards blue and bronze

If you go for a gliding scholarship you will have to cover the syllabus but may go solo earlier than normal.

You cannot put it towards the PTS but if you go solo you can wear the Civilian Wings

Not sure how much money you got but unfortunately as stated anything less than solo doesn’t transfer across. Should though increase your odds of being selected for some other kind of award. If I were you I’d try to fund enough gliding to get solo via the BGA then put that on the CV when applying for another RAF or non-RAF award e.g. the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme. Few cadets have much flying or gliding on the CV so anything you do have will make you a good candidate.

BGA clubs are cheap to join as a ‘cadet member’ (NB that has nothing to do with being in the Air Cadets, they just use the same name for <18 members) - e.g. my local one is something like £55/year and £7/launch compared to £400+/year for adults. Get a Saturday job to pay for it…

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There are also a lot of schemes that provide financial help to young glider pilots. I’ve no idea where you live, but most clubs help qualifying pilots to negotiate the paperwork.

This is a good time to start flying, the winter is starting to end, thermals (if you are in the flatlands) are starting to pop.

Hopefully going solo won’t be the end of your gliding career.

Don’t worry too much about wings, just get down to your local club and start flying. It is a great thing to be involved in, most clubs have an active juniors program too.

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