Gliding Induction Course-Who and how?

I’m trying to get into the gliding scholarship but lacking in flight time due to tight competition for places in wing, hence I’m planning to apply to the gliding induction course.
Do I just need to tell my OC that I’m strongly interested in it or do I also need to speak to someone else?
Currently have blue wings and done the aerospace course so I should be able to get in?

The Gliding Induction Course (GIC) no longer exists. It has been replaced by the Blue & Bronze ATP. I would express your interest to your OC, however there will always be competition for spaces when Gliding Scholarship slots are limited in availability.

So in my case, I should state to my OC that I’m interested in the scholarship instead?

In theory applicants for the Silver Wings Gliding Scholarship should have completed the Blue and Bronze badges first. In practice there isn’t enough gliding for this to work but you should at least try to do the Blue first.

Agreed you need to speak to your sqn staff about it - your Wing Aviation Officer will have been given some allocation of places (probably - depending a bit where in the country you are) which they should be able to access.