Gliding ‘C’ wings


I went solo in a glider at a civilian club, does this make me entitle to the ‘C’ wings or not?


Yes, I believe you need to send your logbook to 2FTS to be allowed to wear them. I may be wrong though.


Get your Sqn to speak to your Wing Flying/Aviation Officer as they can advise.

However, it should be a case of providing scans of your logbook and evidence of the solo.


Yes. @tmmorris should be able to give you chapter and verse in his role as CCF Aviation Officer


From ACTO32:


  1. Cadets who have completed a solo sortie through a gliding scholarship
    provided by external organisation or alternatively through self-funded tuition may apply
    and be considered for issue of RAFAC Civilian ‘C’ Wings. 2FTS SO2 CAPE will
    consider each case on its merits.

I would suggest copies of logbook pages & any relevant solo certificate / confirmation by the gliding club CGI.


I’ve sent a PM but the procedure is to send the CCF Aviation Officer (might or might not be me :wink:) evidence and your details, and he will ask 2FTS to issue the wings. Best to get it sent via your OC though, rather than emailing me from your personal account.

Evidence required is copy of logbook entry for first solo countersigned by your instructor or (if he/she isn’t available and hasn’t signed it) the chief instructor for your club.