Girls Uniform - Air Cadet Skirt

Hi, id be grateful if you can tell me where I can obtain an Air Cadet SKIRT from asap for pass out parade as my squadaron are unable to obtain one in time for me & the trousers theyve given me are 4 sizes too big!
Ive tried numerous online websites and cant find anything
Your help will be appreciated

If you are tiny you will struggle too.

lol. where can i get a skirt from ? as im having trouble finding somewhere that do skirts

Google RAF no2 skirt and there are plenty of links. I’ve copied a few below though may not be available in your size

thank you :slight_smile:

As a last resort, EBAY. Search for RAF Skirt.

Have your squadron asked around all of their local units? Seems odd that no one would have a spare skirt available.

I’d be knocking on the OC’s door and requesting that they refund whatever you have to pay as it should be a piece of issued kit. That might also motivate them to find something free :wink:


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