Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme


This is the scheme that allows claims in respect of cash donations (within limits), without the need for a Gift Aid declaration

Has anyone explored with HMRC whether individual squadrons may be able to partake in this scheme?

I’m guessing, but not certain, that we’re excluded on the basis that we’re all ‘connected’ to HQAC. If nobody else has asked the question, then I will - but there’s no point if its already been covered.


Personally I can’t see why not.
I think the limit or a figure I’ve heard bandied around is £5000 pa.


[quote=“glass half empty 2” post=19263]Personally I can’t see why not.
I think the limit or a figure I’ve heard bandied around is £5000 pa.[/quote]

Correct, on donations up to £20.

Can my organisation claim under Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS)?

GASDS Basics


There are some provisions dealing with multi branch charities. I’m wondering if these catch us.


No as we are not classed as mutli-branch charities.


If we do a bag pack can we claim this under the Small Donations Scheme?



Plt Off Prune - Do you KNOW that, in the context of this scheme, or is it just your view?

Stenhouse - that would be my intention.



You may or may not have heard this yet, but in a recent “test case” a Sqn tried to claim bagpack money under GASDS and was officially refused but to the fact we are a “connected organisation”.

A challenge in now on going to contest this, but at this point we aren’t allowed to claim




I know that some sqn’s in my wing do claim gift aid from sub’s.
I’m trying to push it at my sqn right now however its a PITA due to the website not accepting the charity exemption number.


As a Scout Leader, we haven’t tried due to the connected element, which I would think would apply here also. There has been lots of discussion in eScouts forum including interaction with HMRC.



Just in case it helps anyone, my Sqn recently successfully claimed under GASDS, for a bagpack. This is due to a change in the “rules” in April this year, plus a few other qualifies.

But in the end it worked!