Getting to know the NCO team, slightly nervous

I was promoted a month ago, and I’m on really good terms with the cadets, but I’ve never really gotten close with the NCO’s. Now I’m apart of the team, I’ve noticed how close they all are (they’ve known each other for years, I’m the first cadet to get Corporal since covid), and I’m struggling to fit in. I’m not entirely sure what I can do but I really want to feel like I’m in in the team, y’know? Has anybody got any advice?

Give it time. Usually squadrons have phases and you may be the start of a new phase. If they’ve been an NCO team for some time and you are just joining them it will take some adjusting.

Remember the leadership phases of a team.

I was you once - first promotion into a well established, but ageing out NCO team.

Learn what you can whilst you have them, like @bob1 says you will adjust in time.

Fast forward a few years and you will have a whole NCO team full of those tight friends who are still waiting for their first promotions and they will be looking to you to impart the knowledge gained from those long departed SNCO’s you are working with today :slight_smile:

Good luck and enjoy it!