Getting Back in the Game

It’s 2022. Still had no luck in returning to unit and I’m struggling to keep my head in the game. I’ve attended a number of staff opportunities across 2021 to try and remain focussed, however I must admit that with time it’s becoming harder and harder.

Any tips on how to remain up to date with what is happening within the Corps and how to remain enthusiastic?

Have you considered just attending another unit until whatever is stopping you from going to yours ended? What are your cadets doing?

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Unfortunately it’s a remote area with quite a distance between units or that would be top of my list. Currently, our cadets aren’t doing anything. Since the start of lockdown 2020, I was the only member of staff facilitating opportunities for the cadets and tan every badged course available to them as well as arranging talks for the wing…it just seems to have come to a close with their online fatigue.

Yeah, that’s more difficult. What support do you have from wing SMEs?

Conduct the sector Cdr or failing that Wg cdr and ask what is happening.


This. I have to remind people in my chain of command exactly who works for who!

If they don’t have a sqn, they don’t have a sqn in their sector…if the Wing commander loses a sqn for poor admin, its on their head…

As OC, yes I commanded the unit, but if my staff didn’t have the resources to deliver… It was my issue to fix. If I don’t have the resources… Its my sector Commanders job to help fix it… And so on.

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What’s the reason your squadron is still closed?

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