Getting a new copy of 3822-How much can my OC sign?


Hello, I’m planning to get a new 3822 as my old one is now in really bad shape after a rain.
The problem is getting all the record signed and copied over to the new version.
Especially for weapons training which has the colomn noted to require range officer signature.
Can my OC sign all of them(ones I have done) off when issuing the new one or do I need to bring my old 3822 to every camp that I will go on in the hope of running into a range officer ?
Hence, does the answer from the previous question apply to all other section of the 3822?


As an OC if the original is still legible I would be happy to sign those sort of things albeit I would want the old one back to be filed away in case anyone ever asked me for it.


When I (adjutant) prepare a replacement 3822 I write “Replacement” on it prominently in the hope that others seeing it may understand that the signatures may not be originals.

I then hand it to the boss to sign the main bits. I may sign other bits myself (as"pp" sometimes), or if a WHT can be signed again by the original tester I’ll get them to do that. Bear in mind that the information in the book is mostly duplicated on Bader SMS and can be back-filled from that, but if you have collected souvenir signatures in teh 3822 then they may be lost.

The biggest issue I have with replacements is the habit to create “inserts” - added pages for things like the flying syllabus where the book doesn’t contain the necessary information and AEFs/VGSs may not trust a non-original signature (or the lack of a unit stamp)


Can I ask what’s people’s thoughts on keeping the 3822s in the sqn?

I know of a couple of Sqn’s where the cadets are only given them to go to camp or activities then returned to the sqn on completion of the camp or activities.
It’s to save them getting lost or damaged. When they leave they get them to take away.

One of my staff keeps pushing this idea but
I just feel this is another step towards cadets being wrapped in cottonwool they should be old enough to start looking after them!


Fine, as long as a cadet can make it to the squadron to collect it in time for a short-notice requirement. Better if they keep hold of it and take responsibility for it.

Personally I favour getting rid of it , replacing it with something much, much smaller and more resilient.


As Incy says it’s just a ball ache if you get something come up at short notice.


I know I’m a bit late to the feed, but at my squadron, we keep our 3822’s on us as a form of identification. If we fail to show it on entry, we get escorted to the co’s office to explain why we don’t have it. We are also not allowed to keep them in our bags, we have to keep them in a pocket on our uniform at all times. It’s expected that if someone asked to see it, we wouldn’t have to go and get it, it’d already be on us.


I can see with Cadet Portal that the record of service aspect of the 3822 is binned.

Single card with ID on one side and guardian permissions on the other.


what usually happens in the event of a 3822 going into the washing machine?


It goes round and round in the washing machine. Gradually it gets sodden as water, washing tablets and fabric softener take their action. The paper gets all soggy. Sometimes the ink runs. Sometimes it might tear - depending on the spin cycle and what else it’s been washed with.

It makes for a bad day out. But it’s not the end of the world and is surprisingly commonplace in the cadet world.

Request - in person - a replacement from your sqn. You might have to fill in some blanks and collected some signatures. But the world wont actually end.